List of all kosher products in the Synagogue Sofia

Here you can find detailed information about all kosher products, their cuts and availability

Type of Wine (juice)Price per bottle
Hafner Cabernet18,50 lv
Hafner chardonnay19,50 lv
Kosher grape juice (non-alcoholic)11,50 lv

Food productsPackagesPrice
Honeyjar11 lv/piece
White Cheese~ 0,5 kg.20 lv/kg
Yellow Cheese~ 0,5 kg.27 lv/kg
Butter~ 0,2 kg.27 lv/kg
Chicken (whole)1 piece12 lv/kg
Chicken Brest~ 1 kg.22 lv/kg
Chicken legs~ 1 kg.15,50 lv/kg
Chicken Wings~ 1 kg.10 lv/kg
Chicken Liver~ 1 kg.8 lv/kg
Beef meat30 lv/kg
Beef mince30 lv/kg